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Simulation Cricket Authority: Interview: battyeInterview: battye - March 27, 2006: 08:28:40
SCA Interview Bot

Thank you for joining us today battye
It's my pleasure.

How do you think your form has been lately?
The tri-series started off terribly, but towards the business end of the tournament, it was nice to get some runs on the board. Especially in the final, when we really needed to post a big score against such strong opposition.

Who do you think the best player going around is at the moment in international simulation cricket?
wanabe really is one to keep your eye on, he's been piling on the runs, and has been crucial in our middle order. However, you can't go past grinch2171 has the best batsman. Consistently, he has made big scores, and along with wanabe, has kept the middle order strong. The best bowler in the world, I'd have to say HSVKing from He's a key player for them, and can destroy a batting attack quite easily when he's on song.

As it currently stands, international games are left, right and centre. Would you like to see more domestic fixtures?
Yes! Already, I am in discussions with the SCA about creating a first class programme at I can't reveal too much information at the moment, but should it go ahead, we are looking at 3 teams participating in a month long tournament. I am not aware if any other sites wish to have a domestic league, but had a domestic Twenty20 match not that long ago, and were very eager in the internationals, so I'd say the chances of domestic fixtures for them are quite high.

If it were up to you, which website do you think should become the next SCA full member?
Without knowing how much interest there would be, it is hard to say. Personally, I'd like to see as the next full member. I had talks with them a few months ago, and hope to conduct more discussions with them in the coming weeks.

Thank you for your time today!
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