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Simulation Cricket Authority: vs schedule changed at short vs schedule changed at short notice - April 28, 2006: 03:22:29
SCAN (Simulation Cricket Authority News)

3 of's matches have been moved forward a day, to suit broadcasters at the SCA.

The Twenty20 Tour Match between the New Cricketmxian's and, expected to be played on April 28th, has had to be moved forward 1 day to suit broadcasters and spectators alike.

As a result, both the 1st and 2nd Test matches have been moved ahead 1 day, to allow for a small break between each match.

The ODI series remains unaffected.

The altered schedule is as follows:

Tour Match - Twenty20 New Cricketmxian's vs April 30 Rushton Park

Test Match vs May 2 - May 7 WACA
Test Match vs May 9 - May 13 WACA
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