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Simulation Cricket Authority: Rushton Park to become the envy of country groundsRushton Park to become the envy of country grounds - May 11, 2006: 07:21:59
SCAN (Simulation Cricket Authority News)

Rushton Park was given the go ahead to become an approved SCA venue several months ago, however, when it comes to playing international cricket matches in Western Australia, most matches are played at the preferred WACA ground, which is just 70 kilometers north of Mandurah's Rushton Park.

This is a scenario which could well change in the coming years, with the City of Mandurah proposing a redevelopment of the stadium, which could re-enforce its status as the top sporting ground in Western Australia behind Subiaco Oval and the WACA ground in Perth.

The main advancement to result from the redevelopment will be the construction of a brand new grandstand. A City of Mandurah manager, stated that a "covered tiered spectator seating area for 350" will be built. Currently, there is only one stand which seats approximately 150 people, so it would be expected the new seating will attract more crowds to local WAFL football matches.

Other improvements to the arena will be the creation of an outdoor covered alfresco area, new administration and management facilities, and redeveloped competitors and officials facilities.

While the ground is redeveloped, first class teams Old Cricketmxian's and Traditional Cricketmxian's from's domestic first class competition, who would normally have Rushton Park as their home ground, are likely to be transferred to the WACA for all home games.
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