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Simulation Cricket Authority: SCA: Maintenance work on simulatorsSCA: Maintenance work on simulators - June 10, 2006: 11:05:43
SCAN (Simulation Cricket Authority News)

The SCA has just announced that major maintenance work has been conducted on both the first class and limited overs simulators.

While the new features are being kept very much under wraps, the SCA president, battye, did reveal some of the innovations.

"Come game day, you will see a vast array of new features. I won't spoil the surprises, but I will reveal that the new simulators give the captains the full control. Tactics will now be as important as ever, and one wrong move could prove costly.. even in the shorter version of the game."

The next simulation cricket match to be played with the first class simulator, is the 1st Test between and from June 17 - June 21. Don't miss it!

The 1st ODI between and, on June 28, will be the first official match played with upgraded limited overs simulator.
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