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Simulation Cricket Authority: New Cricketmxian's vs - Twenty20 Tour Match
New Cricketmxian's vs
Twenty20 Tour Match

Last nights Twenty20 tour match between and the New Cricketmxian's, began with confusion, with a minor time mix up. After 1 hour, finally play got underway. sent in the New Cricketmxian's to bat, and they smashed from the word go. They looked set for a big total, after making 46 in the first 6 overs. The loss of garmabeaneth in the mid-twenties slowed the team down a little, but the major problem was when HunterMp3 took 3 wickets in one over, reducing the side to 4/57.

This proved to be the last wickets to fall for the side, and the made their way to a score of 135.

The New Cricketmxian's had to take early wickets if they were to win, and this simply didn't happen. With openers Imagine_If making a man of the match worthy 67, and M3ta7h3ad scoring 54, the game was almost out of their reach. But 2 breakthroughs from Protoman X and JASON in the last few overs of the innings saw light at the end of the tunnel for the New Cricketmxian's.

Burian was expensive, but bowled some good, tight overs towards the end, which gave the team further hope.

Requiring just 6 to win from two overs, JASON was given the ball. The 19th over looked to be a good one, starting with 2 dot balls. But Leon whacked the 3rd ball of the over for 6, giving a much needed victory, ahead of the 3 Test, 5 ODI series this month.
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