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4th ODI

The 4th ODI between and went right to the wire.

The toss has become an important factor lately, with statistics showing that the team winning the toss is more likely to win the game. won, and batted first.

Webmaster_Ryan had no real impact today, making just 5, to bring his ODI average down, now just over 80. Young Twig, with a Man Of The Match effort, made a vital 77. conradical didn't trouble the scorers. The middle order played superbly, with bo5ton, Bleys, Gideon and iTechno making 179 between them. were 5/261 after their 50 overs. tunebud made the only real impact, taking 4 wickets. Freezmizer was the other wicket taker, with 1. had a dream start, making it to 0/120 before losing nesman for 61. garmabeaneth followed soon after for 68. battye and grinch2171, who could have have continued where garmabeaneth and nesman left off, failed to do well by their standards, making 25 and 7 respectively. wanabe made a fine 51 not out, while krb107 sealed his fate, with a slow 26. It was down to wanabe and krb107 in the dying overs to win the game, and it was krb107's defensive style of play which lost the game. lost by 8 runs, 5/253 after 50 overs. fbiboy, with 3/70, was's leading wicket taker.

The series is now drawn at 2-2, tomorrows final match will prove to be the decider. It is expected that krb107 will be dropped from the team, with battye to be the stand in wicket keeper. It is also expected that Burian and moongirl will be brought into the team, to replace dr sad and krb107. If Burian is brought into the team, it is believed he would play as a batting alrounder at #3, with moongirl at #4.

The only likely change for is for conradical to be lowered in the batting order.
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