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WC Game 11 were very impressive today, in their 93 run victory over

The standout performer, was dr sad, who scored 163 not out, and was supported by a solid 75 not out from former captain, battye. posted 2/280 after 50 overs. knew, to reach such a score, they would need to slog. Finnie led the way, with 21 from 14. Serj smashed 37 from 28, while Chameleongirl had one last roll of the dice, with 29 from 18. But each batsman received little support down the other end. The team was all out for 187 in the 31st over, largely due to a 4 wicket haul from p2p-sharing-rules.

dr sad was man of the match, in his record breaking performance. 163 is the highest individual ODI score.
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