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Simulation Cricket Authority: 2 Tests to be considered First Class only2 Tests to be considered First Class only - Janurary 30, 2006: 15:56
SCAN (Simulation Cricket Authority News)

2 Test Matches played between and mid-January will soon be stripped of Test status, by the SCA. This sudden move made by the SCA, was very much unexpected, and many wonder whether it was even necessary. The SCA have good reasoning behind the move however, suggesting that a total revamp of the current first class, and test match system is in the pipeline.

"The SCA hears the opinions of the players, and after some concerns and confusion, we have decided it is best to do a total rewrite of the First Class and Test simulator".

As it stands, the Test simulator runs off its predecessor, the First Class simulator.

"It's time for change, the Test match simulator will be written from the ground up, based on the same technology we used to make the Limited Overs simulator".

This suggests that the new Test simulator will have ball by ball rundowns, bowler statistics, and generally, more information for the end user, which will in turn result in a better experience for everyone.

To accomodate the new simulator, previous Tests (only 2 played to date) will be downgraded to only First Class matches.

"Because the Tests played had no bowling statistics, it simply isn't viable to allow them to remain as Test matches, when future games will have bowling statistics. It will cause too many problems, as statistics will not be accurate.".
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