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Simulation Cricket Authority: What's wrong with battye?What's wrong with battye? - February 28, 2006: 04:05:09
SCAN (Simulation Cricket Authority News)

What's wrong with battye? captain, battye, is having a torrid series against and, scoring just 8 runs in 3 games, at an average of 2.66.

"I was in fantastic form against, scoring my maiden century, but since the 5th ODI, it seems to have all gone downhill." he told us in an exclusive interview.

Confirming that both Burian and krb107 have been dropped for Game 6 against, it raises the question, why hasn't he dropped himself?

"I'm the captain, what sort of impression does it give if I drop myself? Even if I'm not in the greatest form at the moment, hopefully my presence and experience on the field makes up for it".

Before this series, battye was averaging above 50, now he averages just 34.31 in the ODI arena.

"Over time, I hope my average becomes steady at around the 45 - 50 mark, but I really do need to hit a few hundreds to expect that to happen".

grinch2171, garmabeaneth, nesman, battye, BONGOMAN and tunebud are the only players to have participated in all 14 games they have played. If battye's bad run of form continues, it is likely he will soon be off that list.

As speculation looms that if lose their next match (and do not stop HHQ from gaining the bonus point) and are therefore out of the finals race, will rest key players, such as Freezmizer, tunebud, garmabeaneth and BONGOMAN.

"If they players do want to rest before the finals, and we definately have a finals berth secured, then I see no reason why they can't have a rest. All of our players have had a busy schedule over the last 2 months. I will not rest though, I will do everything in my power to regain the form I showed against And when the series is over, I am looking forward to playing some domestic tournaments at CricketMX.".

Burian, who was dropped from the team averages 65.00 with the ball, and just 1.75 with the bat. krb107, while his keeping is as good as ever, will be dropped in favour of StorbinC. krb107 averages only 15.22 with the bat.
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