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Simulation Cricket Authority: Major changes in today's dead rubberMajor changes in today's dead rubber - March 3, 2006: 08:29:34
SCAN (Simulation Cricket Authority News) are resting key players Freezmizer, wanabe and dr sad in tommorows dead rubber against

"Burian has been replaced by p2p-sharing-rules, we're hoping he will impose himself upon the Hawks today. We've also given Protoman X a run, to give Freezmizer a rest", battye told us.

p2p-sharing-rules and Protoman X will be fighting for 1 place in the final, with Freezmizer a certain starter on the March 8 ODI.

"We've also changed the batting lineup a bit, as both wanabe and dr sad will be rested tomorrow. krb107 will be given one more chance, this time as a batsman only, at the top of the order. We're hoping he will find the same form opening, that he did when he opened for the CricketMX Invitational XI".

"I put myself at number 3.. reluctantly", battye told us with a laugh.

"grinch2171 will have a shot at number 4 for the first time, while nesman has been moved to number 5 for today. moongirl has been brought back into the team, at number 6. StorbinC will keep for us today, and it is a welcome decision for him. He has probably deserved to be in the team for at least a month now, if he makes 30 plus, krb107 will have a hard time gaining a spot for the final".

"We've kept tunebud and BONGOMAN in the lower order for experience. Protoman X is on debut, while p2p hasn't played competitive cricket since the 4th ODI against".

"We wanted to give all of our other squad members a shot in today's match, because the finals spots are secure. I will be keeping a close eye on p2p, Protoman and Storb, for them it is hard, there are 3 fine players fighting for 2 spots".

On the other side of the internet, captain, gob, has dropped himself for the 6th game of the tri series.

"Yes - dropped, and well deserved too", he said in a public statement.

Action_Force has been made captain. lineup for Game 6:

1. krb107
2. garmabeaneth
3. battye*
4. grinch2171
5. nesman
6. moongirl
7. StorbinC+
9. p2p-sharing-rules
10. Protoman X
11. tunebud lineup for Game 6:

1. JiGGaMaN
2. greatbar
3. Hawks Heroes
4. DynamoUltra
5. The Croadster
6. Buddy38
7. Glen Nugent+
8. Bettsie
9. mjedw1
10. Action_Force*
11. Dixie Flatline
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