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Simulation Cricket Authority: Team decided by toss of a coin!Team decided by toss of a coin! - March 6, 2006: 09:00:10
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HHQ captain, gob79, has officially announced the team for Wednesday's showdown against at Telstra Dome. It was revealed that the decision became so hard, some of the remaining positions were decided by the toss of a coin!

"I literally picked the team by throwing a coin for the last 4 spots!", gob79 said on

Action_Force, who scored 130 on debut, was pushed down to number 10, for the second time. When Action_Force showed dissent towards the decision, gob79 lashed out, stating he can't afford to lose Action_Force's experience with the ball.

"Action_Force is a number 3 batsman. As far as I am aware, he is a part time bowler at best! There must be a real lack of specialist bowlers if HHQ had to resort to sticking one of their best batsmen at number 10, so they had 'bowling experience'", captain, battye, said, stirring up the opposition.

It was later found out, gob79 had ulterior motives.

"Truth is I had to find a spot for myself somehow!!", he (gob79) said on HHQ.

Action_Force averages 65.00 with the bat, however, his 130 is his only score, he has scored ducks both times he has gone to the crease since. gob79 averages just 8.00. have yet to select an XI for the match. It is widely believed that wanabe will return to the side after being rested for Saturday's dead rubber. krb107's future remains to be seen.

"Krb needs time, both he and Storb are fighting for that spot as wicket keeper batsmen. While Storb's batting figures are considerably better, I think Krb's future is far from over", battye told us. lineup for the final is listed below.

1. greatbar
2. gob79*
3. Hawks Heroes
4. DynamoUltra
5. Irish
6. Buddy38
7. JiGGaMaN+
8. BigBoy
9. mjedw1
10. Action_Force
11. Dixie Flatline
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