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Simulation Cricket Authority: announce their announce their XI - March 7, 2006: 03:36:11
SCAN (Simulation Cricket Authority News) captain, battye, has released the XI to play in tomorrows final against

"This is the biggest game we have played in to date, and we have to get it right", battye told SCAN.

A shock selection has been krb107. High scoring with 15 in Game 1, he has averaged just 10.33 in his three innings. Since the end of the series between and, it has been widely believed StorbinC, should take over the job as keeper for good. For the first time, battye has spoken out regarding krb107's future.

"Once you're out of this strong team, it is very difficult to get back in. Just look at Red XIII, with the ball he has done well, and with the bat he has done okay too, but because of the sheer strength in the team, he hasn't been able to find a spot.. even in the squad. We want to give krb107 as many chances as possible, but I am afraid to say that if he fails in this game, his future looks bleak".

As expected, wanabe and Freezmizer have returned from a well earned break. p2p-sharing-rules snared the place of the final bowler, after Burian was dropped for bad form.

"It was a hard decision between Protoman and P2P, but in the end we had to go for experience. For Protoman, his future looks good. At the moment I don't know who we are playing after this series ends, but I will say that Protoman X has his spot secured".

"I am looking to have stability in the team, and in the coming months, I hope the XI will not be changed all that much".'s official lineup for the final:

1. garmabeaneth
2. nesman
3. dr sad
4. battye
5. grinch2171
6. wanabe
7. krb107
9. p2p-sharing-rules
10. tunebud
11. Freezmizer
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