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Simulation Cricket Authority: Two new venues approvedTwo new venues approved - March 11, 2006: 07:17:25
Simulation Cricket Authority

With the introduction of the Test simulator expected within the next 3 weeks, the SCA has approved 2 new venues in Western Australia.

The first, Rushton Park, is in Mandurah. The primary venue however, is the WACA ground in Perth. We hope that all international fixtures will be played at the WACA, even though Rushton Park is capable of holding world class events such as Test matches and One Day Internationals.

Rushton Park is ideal for domestic matches, such as the provincial matches between Old Cricketmxian's, Traditional Cricketmxian's and New Cricketmxian's in the OT First Class Cup.

The WACA is more suited to Tests and One Day Internationals because of its location, seating capacity and facilities.
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