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Simulation Cricket Authority: The HHQ Saga: "I just do not know what is happening there"The HHQ Saga: "I just do not know what is happening there" - February 5, 2006: 11:15:12
SCAN (Simulation Cricket Authority News)

The saga at continues, as SCA president battye was contacted by HHQ regular, golden hawk. While the contents of the message cannot be disclosed, it appears that there is a lot of internal confusion at HHQ, notably, regarding battye's account status.

"I just do not know what is happening there", battye said, "I really did think my account would be validated by now, and so did golden hawk. The more time that passes, the longer it will take to organise a series.. let alone a tri series. I think we can safely say that a tri series will not be played in the near future, between HHQ and two other teams."

It would still appear that even if a tri series does not go ahead, a 3 match ODI series between and HHQ is still on the cards. Even if cannot play HHQ, it is believed would be willing to host them too, as and have a strong rivalry in forum football matches, which would inevitably be transferred to simulation cricket.
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