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Simulation Cricket Authority: Perth: Subiaco Oval no threat to WACAPerth: Subiaco Oval no threat to WACA - July 5, 2006: 09:47:29
SCAN (Simulation Cricket Authority News)

The SCA spoke with the Western Australian Football Commission (WAFC) about the proposed redevelopment of Subiaco Oval.

Before the talk, there were some doubts over the future of the WACA, with speculation that the land would be sold, and the profits put towards a brand new arena in the Cockburn district.

However, after speaking with the WAFC, we have discovered this is very unlikely, with the WACA set to be Perth's premier cricket venue for the forseeable future.

The Subiaco Oval redevelopment will commence in October 2007, and conclude in March 2011. The capacity would be raised to 55,000, with a further 5,000 to be added at a later date.

When asked whether Subiaco Oval could hold cricket matches, Wayne Bradshaw replied "The proposal accommodates cricket with drop in wickets ... This could eventuate for games such as the Ashes tour when additional capacity is required".

Should any match, such as an Ashes match, be played at Subiaco Oval, the ground would then become suitable to host simulation cricket matches.
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