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Simulation Cricket Authority: The HHQ Saga: "Still nothing, despite repeated attempts"The HHQ Saga: "Still nothing, despite repeated attempts" - February 10, 2006: 10:28:58
SCAN (Simulation Cricket Authority News)

Another attempt by golden hawk to help sort the matter will hopefully resolve the issue once and for all. battye has been expecting an email from HHQ for days now, and still nothing.

"Might try some one else", golden hawk told SCAN.

When SCA president, battye, was asked again what the situation was, he replied, "Still nothing, despite repeated attempts from golden hawk to speed up the verification process. Any hope of a tri series now is simply gone, and I don't even know if would be willing to host a 3 match ODI series. may be available for 2 ODI's, but at the moment, I believe will have a busy schedule for the coming weeks. I don't know where this would leave HHQ.".

There has not yet been enough interest shown at HHQ for the SCA to make any special exceptions. Until such time as a squad of at least 12 is submitted, it is believed HHQ will not be able to take part in One Day International matches.
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