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Simulation Cricket Authority: vs Series vs Series preview - July 23, 2006: 10:41:01
SCAN (Simulation Cricket Authority News)

This series will prove to be very interesting. With both team lineups submitted, we now know that has gone for some new blood, while is persevering with many proven players. veterans, iTechno and bcr, are the only 2 players who represented in the previous series, consisting of 5 ODI's against

iTechno, a specialist batsman who can keep if need be, averages 45.67 with a strike rate over 100. He has played all 5 games has taken part in, as has bcr, his bowling counterpart. bcr has taken 5 ODI wickets, but will be hoping to lower his bowling average of 48.40 in this series against bcr is among the lowest ranked batsmen, with 11 runs to his name.

For the rest of the crew, tomorrows one day international will be their first taste of simulation cricket. Players to look out for, include their inspirational new captain, Mike Empuria, who is expected to go in at number 6, and perceived bowling superstar jake4974, at number 11.

In contrast to this all new lineup by, have listed no debutants, instead deciding to go with experience. The openers, captain gob79 and batting sensation greatbar, average an opening partnership of 77.. 56 of which go to greatbar, who is officially ranked 2nd in the world for ODI batting, by the Simulation Cricket Authority. He has 512 runs in the one day arena, and would be looking to push that up to the 800 mark by the end of the series.

The bowling attack consisting of Dixie Flatline (20), mjedw1 (16), Glen Nugent (11) & Bettsie (8) would go in to the series, looking to have the edge over the bowlers, with a total of 55 wickets between them.

Having said all that, it is still very much anyone's game, and the world looks forward to an exciting series, starting tomorrow, live at 8AM GMT. gob79*, greatbar, Action_Force, doosra, Hawks Heroes, Buddy38, DynamoUltra+, Glen Nugent, Bettsie, mjedw1, Dixie Flatline SlitheryImp, DigitaL, Nicky, Heman maximus, iTechno, Mike Empuria*, silentcollision+, HAWK, fisherboy, bcr, jake4974
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