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Simulation Cricket Authority: vs Series vs Series preview - September 15, 2006: 06:49:32
SCAN (Simulation Cricket Authority News)

The lineup's are in, and the simulation cricket world is in for one hell of an opening match, in this highly anticipated Test and ODI series. retained their winning lineup from their Test match against Saintsational several weeks ago, while appear to be tactically sound with their batting lineup.

If win the only Test match, which begins later today, they will effectively be the Test match leaders, when it comes to ranking. If win, it will put them on level first with

In the shorter version of the game however, could take the clear lead in terms of ODI ranking. To do this, they would require wins in all three matches, while also taking every bonus point. This has only been done once in simulation cricket history, that was by against in the 2006 Bye Week Series. could be equal first in the ODI rankings, should they win all games. Should they win all games, and take a bonus point at any time, they will be clear leaders.

A lot is at stake for these simulation cricket newcomers, but's experience from their series against should give them a slight edge. The Simulation Cricket Authority Betting Agency also agrees, with going into the one-off Test at $1.20, with the opposition at $1.50.
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