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Simulation Cricket Authority: Another series on the wayAnother series on the way - February 11, 2006: 07:02:40
SCAN (Simulation Cricket Authority News)

Good news for the SCA, in that has shown a lot of interest in a ODI against This is welcomed by the SCA, as interest at HHQ seems to be dropping rapidly.

Already, are affiliate SCA members, but by tomorrow it is expected they will become full members.

"As soon as they have 11 players, they will be full members. We are not worried about the 15 man squad at this stage, things like that sort themselves out over time.", SCA president, battye, told SCAN, "We hope to get a 5 match ODI series underway as soon as possible. It will be very exciting, as it is the first time more than 3 matches will be played in a ODI series.".

In anticipation for the series, has already released a 15 man squad. Some of the changes have taken the public by surprise. Namely the exclusion of both Rat and Red XIII for the series.

1. garmabeaneth
2. nesman
3. dr sad
4. battye*
5. moongirl
6. grinch2171
7. krb107+
8. Burian
10. tunebud
11. Freezmizer

12. p2p-sharing-rules
13. StorbinC+
14. John Riddler
15. wanabe

battye, also the captain, had this to say: "Rat and Red are huge members of our squad. Rat is just having a rough trot with the bat, I feel that this rest will be good for him, and he will bounce back to the great form he was experiencing in the longer version of the game. Regarding Red, I haven't felt his bowling has been too bad. He just needs to work on lowering his economy rate (5.88) a bit.".

Burian was very much a surprise inclusion into the team, with a first class batting average of just 34.37. SCAN has heard that his role in the ODI team will mainly be his spin bowling, he will be's first specialist spinner.

The series against is to begin in the coming week.
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