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Simulation Cricket Authority: Mike Empuria ruled out of the 1st Test with injury.Mike Empuria ruled out of the 1st Test with injury. - November 3, 2006: 10:01:02
Mike Empuria

The team has been selected for the first Test starting tomorrow. You can follow all the action here.

A groin injury (playing with Hawk) has forced Mike Empuria out of the match giving Cronweb his chance to make a name for himself. Hawk, as vice-captain takes over as captain for the Test. kiviniar's ODI performance has earned him a place in the Test team and there is also a chance for the third Test débutante, khuldun, to shine.

Match Details:

Date: 4th November 2006 - 8th November 2006
Venue: WACA
Team Captain: Mike
On Pitch Captain: Hawk
Toss: Tails
Match name: 1st Test v Zcultfm
All rounder: Cronweb
If you win you will: Bat first
Declaration score: 350 XI:

1. SlitheryImp
2. DigitaL
3. Nicky
4. Heman maximus
5. iTechno
6. Cronweb
7. HAWK*+
8. kiviniar
9. fisherboy
10. bcr
11. khuldun
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