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Simulation Cricket Authority: The Stats Game - 3 July 2007The Stats Game - 3 July 2007 - July 3, 2007: 04:15:30
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Today we will be looking at the players who struggle to hit sixes, and those who have won the most man of the match awards.

Topping our first stat, is Cifra-Jay of For all ODI players who have struck over 40 boundaries, Cifra-Jay has managed to get only 9.8% of those over the ropes for a maximum, with 4 sixes and 37 fours. Compare this to someone like Equentity - Jamie, of the same team, who has managed to whack 41.7% of his boundaries for 6, with 20 sixes and 28 fours.

Cifra-Jay and Equentity - Jamie come 16th and 10th respectively, in terms of total boundaries hit in ODI cricket.

garmabeaneth, with a total of 86 boundaries consisting of 26 sixes and 60 fours, has scored the most boundaries of anyone to play ODI cricket.

chrisranjana, also of, is currently the player with the most boundaries without scoring a six. He has 13 fours to his name. chrisranjana averages 19.30 in ODI's, and 23.00 in Tests.

Equentity - Jamie is one clear of the pack when we look at the number of man of the match awards won. The captain, who averages 120.00 in Tests and 47.93 in ODI's at a strike rate of 47.15 and 99.70 respectively, has taken the honours in 1 Test and 3 ODI's.

Beyond this, features quite prominently in the top 10, due to the number of games they have played.

battye has won the award 3 times in ODI's, while nesman, BONGOMAN and grinch2171 have 2. Young Twig is's only top 10 representative, with 2, while boast 3 players with 2 ODI awards; cochise1, essa and Wackaloony.

Rat comes in at number 10, also with 2 awards. However, his 2 awards have come in Test matches. Rat averages 48.88, and has 2 centuries to his name. In 2006, Rat was Test crickets leading run scorer with 391 runs from 10 innings at a strike rate of 45.95, and a highest score of 120.

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