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Simulation Cricket Authority: "A" vs "A" a "A" vs "A" a possibility - August 7, 2007: 04:14:35
SCAN (Simulation Cricket Authority News)

While first XI captain, AsifTheManRahman, is busy arranging his squads for the 4-day match and 3 ODI's against, there is some talk that a concurrent "A" team series could take place.

With over 20 members vying for a spot in the team, it is very likely that an "A" team could be formed from those not selected for the encounter against "A" seem likely opponents at this stage, however, "A" team captain saint patrick was unavailable for comment.

Further details are still unknown. "A" squad (likely): OLB, Mighty Sainters, LennyBoy, Wildgoose, Saint Patrick, Milan Faletic, 2007, St.Trav, Chook23, Gooses Girl, Saint Bot "A" squad (likely): Unknown
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