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4th ODI

A low scoring affair at the Telstra Dome today sealed the series for In characteristic fashion of this series, failed to cause any problems for the bowling attack.

They made their way to 175, before their last wicket fell. It was only the middle order, which gave the teams score a boost, with Buddy38's 45 off 56, and Irish's 39 from 48.

The wickets were spread fairly evenly for, with Wackaloony, weiss2727 and Kille all taking 3 wickets. The final wicket went to river_mouse.

From the word go, scored consistently, starting with essa at number 1, who scored a man of the match 82. There was a scare in the middle order, when Dixie Flatline took 3 quick wickets, but had many wickets in hand, and cruised to the target of 176, in 36 overs.

The bonus point has come into play for every match this series, and this game was no exception, with taking the 3 points, and securing the series in terms of wins and points. have 9 points for the series, and have won 3 matches to 1. Tomorrows 5th ODI will be a dead rubber, and will be played in Perth.
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